Parent Request for Support

13 May

Greetings, parent supporters of our talented orchestra, technical theatre and thespian students:

Lacey and I have collected a few more email addresses, and I’d like to put out a plea – I mean enthusiastic invitation , to help support the kids by signing on for an activity if you haven’t yet done so. If all parents put in an hour or two, it makes it fun for everyone, and this group of kids is rewarding to work with because they appreciate you!

So please sign up to…

–   MOST IMMEDIATELY need a volunteer for tomorrow’s dinner. Even just a main dish or casserole thing, or dessert, and I can fill in w/ salad & bread and such. Thanks for considering!! See below for more info.

–   Need dinner for next Tuesday (offers for partial menu is ok, certainly better than nothing and I can pair families up to share)

–   Prepare and deliver concession items (cookies, brownies, bars, finger food, etc) – If every family baked and delivered a couple dozen cookies, we’d be SET! Jennifer Broadstone is coordinating this and will likely be following up – in the meantime let one of us know if you can commit; Jennifer can be reached at ( or cell 409.3371).

–   Work the concession room for an evening (less than two hours of your time and you get to see the show)

Concession sales help cover many of their costs (including many dinners by now not to mention costumes, the elaborate set and the labor to construct it, etc) which greatly minimize kids’ out-of-pocket costs in our school theatre. And incoming food and beverages keep kids and Coach and Finley energized (and happy!) 🙂 .

And a huge thanks to Jo and Mark Bader and Jennifer and David Broadstone for delivery delicious dinners – lovely home-cooked spicy healthy chili with salad/bread and a delicious spaghetti & caesar & whole-grained garlic break tonight  – YUM!

Thanks so much for considering to help. Please let me know ASAP if you can help tomorrow night.

Terese Machmiller
Cell 206.890.2277


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