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Parent Request for Support

13 May

Greetings, parent supporters of our talented orchestra, technical theatre and thespian students:

Lacey and I have collected a few more email addresses, and I’d like to put out a plea – I mean enthusiastic invitation , to help support the kids by signing on for an activity if you haven’t yet done so. If all parents put in an hour or two, it makes it fun for everyone, and this group of kids is rewarding to work with because they appreciate you!

So please sign up to…

–   MOST IMMEDIATELY need a volunteer for tomorrow’s dinner. Even just a main dish or casserole thing, or dessert, and I can fill in w/ salad & bread and such. Thanks for considering!! See below for more info.

–   Need dinner for next Tuesday (offers for partial menu is ok, certainly better than nothing and I can pair families up to share)

–   Prepare and deliver concession items (cookies, brownies, bars, finger food, etc) – If every family baked and delivered a couple dozen cookies, we’d be SET! Jennifer Broadstone is coordinating this and will likely be following up – in the meantime let one of us know if you can commit; Jennifer can be reached at ( or cell 409.3371).

–   Work the concession room for an evening (less than two hours of your time and you get to see the show)

Concession sales help cover many of their costs (including many dinners by now not to mention costumes, the elaborate set and the labor to construct it, etc) which greatly minimize kids’ out-of-pocket costs in our school theatre. And incoming food and beverages keep kids and Coach and Finley energized (and happy!) 🙂 .

And a huge thanks to Jo and Mark Bader and Jennifer and David Broadstone for delivery delicious dinners – lovely home-cooked spicy healthy chili with salad/bread and a delicious spaghetti & caesar & whole-grained garlic break tonight  – YUM!

Thanks so much for considering to help. Please let me know ASAP if you can help tomorrow night.

Terese Machmiller
Cell 206.890.2277


Parent Volunteer Request – Update!

11 May

Good morning, all. I neglected to mention that our head count is 49 including all-hands.

Also, updates on food assignments: dinners tomorrow (spaghetti, salad, bread) and Mon 5/17 (pasta, salad, bread), and Sat 5/15 lunch (deli-style sandwiches, salad, chips) are taken. Our kids will eat like frog royalty!

And huge thanks to Jennifer Broadstone, who will handle Concessions. Another need is for parent contributions of baked items for concessions – individually wrapped and easy, non-messy fingerfood is much-preferred. Feel free to let Jennifer and I know if you can send Concessions baked goods and/or work the Concessions stand.

One other area I’d love help is to get copies of flyers to area elementary school and kid-oriented places like YMCA, etc. If you are willing to take on a few locations or areas, have your student bring you colored flyers and let me know so I can ensure good coverage. (I also need to coordinate this with the Marketing students who are handling PR activities as well.)

Please help me get the word out to parents as I have yet to receive all email addresses. I’ll be in touch in the coming days with updates as needed. Have a great Tuesday!

Thanks, Terese

Help Us Promote the Show!

9 May

Calling all Cast, Band, and Crew Families & Friends!

We all want this show to be a smashing success and that means big audiences.  We need everyone’s help getting the word out and promoting the show!  We are working with the WSHS Marketing Class and have contacted the WS Herald and WS Blog but we need your help spreading the info far and wide.

Once Upon a Mattress
May 20, 21, 22 and 27, 28, 29 at 7:30pm
at WSHS, 3000 California Ave SW

A love-sick nobleman seeking to marry his sweetheart does his best to find his ruling prince a suitable bride so that he himself may wed. No one in Prince Dauntless’s kingdom is permitted to marry until the prince himself exchanges vows — a problem hindered by the fact that the prince’s overprotective mother, Queen Aggravain, has thus far thwarted all efforts to marry her son. This does not sit well with the honorable Sir Harry, a man whose heart longs to wed the fair Lady Larkin, and after a long and arduous journey specifically designed to find the prince a bride, Sir Harry returns to his kingdom to present Princess Winnifred of the swamps. Immediately smitten by the princess, Prince Dauntless sets into motion plans for a lavish wedding as his scheming mother cooks up a test that’s sure to send his marital plans awry.

Ticket Info:
* $10 @ the Door
* $5 with Reservation
* Children under 12 are 1/2 price with a paying adult
* Make a reservation for 6 ticket and only pay for 5
— Call 206-252-8834 to make a reservation


* We also created a Facebook event.  Please invite everyone you can!
* Hard copies of the posters are available at the theatre.  Each student should distribute 7 posters and of course, if you want more, we’ll happily provide them.
* T-Shirts are in and distributed.  Please encourage your students to wear them with pride.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thanks so much for your help,